Jayna Lininger has been sharing her powerhouse voice and spirit since she learned to speak.

A talented singer, songwriter, and musician, the twenty-two-year-old Pittsburgh, PA native recently recorded an album of mainstream country pop material in Boston, Massachusetts.

“These songs best represent the artist that I am. I worked on them with a very talented producer, Marty Walsh. Marty is a studio and guitar legend who has performed and played with acts such as SuperTramp, LeAnn Rimes, and John Fogerty. The songs were engineered and mastered by Kenny Lewis. Marty also did all the guitar work on the songs. It was a wonderful experience,” says Jayna.

Once mixed and mastered, these songs will be released as a tool to raise awareness for drunk driving prevention.

Because of Jayna’s breathtaking voice, her music’s positive message, and her commitment to saving young American lives, she has been named the National Spokesperson for Country Music’s Stop Drunk Driving Now campaign. The campaign’s most recent project, Pick Up A 12 Pack Of Life, is a series of 12 digital CDs using both Jayna’s original music and that of fellow country artists to spread drunk driving awareness.

Jayna says, “I feel lucky to be able to use my music as a vehicle to make a difference in the lives of our country’s young people.”

Jayna has also traveled to Nashville where she entered the Sound Kitchen Studios with Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells. While there, she recorded with a full band of top Nashville studio musicians; these songs showcase a heartfelt and radio friendly sound.

Jayna Lininger is a star on the rise. She is a young woman who is not just a super star in waiting, but a shining example of what the power of music can achieve.